Sunday, March 6, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy Disasters

Week 10: Disasters. Did you experience any natural disasters in your lifetime? Tell us about them. If not, then discuss these events that happened to parents, grandparents or others in your family.

This is mostly copied from an article I did on May 18, 2010 for the 30 year anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens which blew on May 18, 1980.
I was in North Idaho just about 35 miles northeast of Spokane at Twin Lakes. I was pushing the dock into the lake when I noticed a black cloud coming over the hill on the west and I assumed it was a thunderstorm, but a few minutes later our neighbor came by and said Mount St. Helens blew its top and the ash was heading our way. We only got a slight dusting there at the lake, most of the ash went further south so we continued on with what we were doing and went in to watch TV, and Spokane was closing down from all the ash. Soon we got a phone call from my sister, she had went to a lodge meeting in Wenatchee and after leaving the meeting went south to I90 and they had I90 closed there as there was about 3 inches of ash there and some still coming. Most of the others from that meeting came across US 2 to Spokane and they did not get any ash till they came into Spokane. My sister stayed the night in her car at George, Washington in the parking lot of Martha Inn, but the next morning they opened I90 and she wrapped toilet paper around her air cleaner and headed for Spokane. She stopped at every town and had the air cleaner blown out and put on new layers of toilet paper, so her car came through with out any engine problems, but the air conditioner spit out ash for a couple of years after that and the heater stopped working also. The dealer fixed the heater, but then the air conditioner would not work, so they fixed the air conditioner and the the heater stopped working again. Note to anyone that encounters a similar ash clouds, turn the Air Conditioner off and put the heater in recycle setting. It does not bring in air from outside that way and so the ash will not plug up the heater or air conditioner.
She had also been to a meeting the week before at Pasco, Washington and at that time Mount St. Helens had been burping steam and a lot of earthquakes but no big eruptions. They were selling Mount St. Helens T-shirts that had animals and people running from an eruption, so I have that T-Shirt today.

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  1. You ought to put a picture of the t-shirt up. I'd love to see it. I was in Pullman when she blew. The university was shut down for days.



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