Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carnival of Genealogy #104 Cars as Stars

The oldest car I remember was my grandparents LaSalle, don't know the year only that it was a light tan color. When ever I watched All in The Family and they sung "Gee my old LaSalle ran great" I knew they were singing about my grandfathers LaSalle. My parents car I first remember was a Studebaker Commander, it was big and a light green color. My sister left the back door open one day when mom was backing out of the garage and both the garage door and the car door took a beating. Soon after that my parents bought a two door 1954 Studebaker Champion, bright red. It was a small car and since pop was a mechanic at the Studebaker dealer he kept it in tip top shape. We had a large white German Shepard dog then and when Sandy was in the back seat his head would be out one window and his tail the window on the other side of the car. Mom said people would look at Sandy and nearly drive into her so she did not take Sandy a lot. Next car was a 1962 Ford Galaxie, our neighbor had a 1961 Ford Galaxie and really liked it, but the 1962 was a lot heavier than the 61 and also bigger, so getting it in the garage was a challenge and it was pretty underpowered for all the weight. My sister learned to drive in that car. They traded in the Galaxie on a 1964 Studebaker Commander, one of the last American made Studebakers. They made cars in Canada till 1966. This was the car I learned to drive in. A while later I bought my first car a Ford Falcon. I wrote about it for the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy so I won't say more on that car. I traded the Falcon in for a 1963 Studebaker Lark. It was brown and had been special ordered with disc brakes and a special high speed rear end and overdrive, so it really went on the highway. Drove it all through college, this is probably the car I wished I had kept, but I traded it on a Dodge pickup and the Dodge on a Ford Ranchero which I drove for a lot of years. Today I have a Ford Escort station wagon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories and for participating in the COG, Charles!



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