Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Night Fun Genealogy Fun

It's Saturday Night - time for Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) When was the last time you had Genealogy Fun? It could be research, conferences, a society meeting, or just talking with friends about your research, a favorite trip, etc.

Well I guess it was today, played hooky from work and so it was nice to have fun for a day. Went to Road to Spokane Bing Crosby's Family History, a program of the Washington State Heritage Center, sponcered by Gonzaga School of Business, Foley Center Library, and the office of the Washington Secretary of State.
Below is some of the exhibitors booths, Spokane Public Library, Washington State Genealogical Society

Spokane County Library booth

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society booth

Bing Crosby grew up here in Spokane and went to Gonzaga high school and started Gonzaga law school before he dropped out to go to Hollywood. There were two presentations on Bing's ancestors. They told how Bing got his nickname of Bing, it was from the Spokesman Review newspaper insert called Bingville Bugle with character Bingo, but he dropped the o. Last was a short talk by Bing's nephew Howard Crosby then lunch. After lunch was a couple more sessions, one a computer lab sponsored by, and the second was researching your home and community. You can see more pictures on the EWGS Blog. They also gave us a CD of all the presentations so if you missed one you can still see the presentation that you missed.

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