Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving for COG 112

Since we only lived five blocks from my maternal grandparents house, we always went there for Thanksgiving. When I was real young grandma baked the turkey, stuffing and rolls and mom made the fruit salad, pies, and mashed potatoes. We also had homemade pickles, cranberry sauce, celery, carrots, and sometimes coleslaw. Later on mom started making the turkey and dressing and grandma made the pies, fruit salad, rolls, and mashed potatoes. Since we lived a few blocks away mom cooked the turkey and dressing at home and we loaded it in the car and took it to grandmas.
A Thanksgiving card from my dad's postcard collection.

When I was older I liked to bake, so mom would let me bake the pumpkin pie, which was kind of odd as I did not like pumpkin pie, so I never tasted it, but everyone would tell me it was a good pie. Since I did not like pumpkin pie every year I was asked what kind of pie I wanted, and I usually said Apple pie, so while others were eating pumpkin pie I got Apple pie.
I don't remember when we started recycling the old aluminum TV trays, but we used the leftovers from Thanksgiving to make TV dinners, they had a vegetable, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce, and they are so good on a cold night when you put them in the oven to heat up and eat. All those aluminum trays are gone now, but we have some nice plastic ones that are similar and still use the leftovers for TV dinners. This year we made 22 TV dinners.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Thanksgiving memories in the COG, Charles! That Thanksgiving postcard is really great too! :-)

  2. Making the TV dinners sounds like good idea! We should have done that instead of eating turkey for a week!

  3. When you told about the tv diners, my mind's eye saw dozens of plastic plates that my sister-in-law had mounded with holiday leftover meals, covered with clear wrap and stacked in the freezer. I don't know who ate those dinners, but it was a pretty impressive site. Thanks for the memories.



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