Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Space Needle

Last May I did thirteen blog posts on the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair and before that I did a Carnival Of Genealogy on Scrap-Booking, but there was a few pictures I did not copy, and with the 50 year anniversary of the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair opening of April 21, 1962 coming in a few days I thought I would post a few more pictures. This picture was cut from the cover of Life magazine, a  picture of the Space Needle being built, but it is a wonderful picture of the workmen on the top of the Space Needle.

My mom, dad and my sister went to the Worlds Fair in August of 1962, and we took quite a few pictures of the Fair, this one is the Space Needle. We did get to go to the observation deck after a long wait in a line at the bottom of the Space Needle. There was a Belgian waffle stand next to the line, and so while we waited we had a Belgian waffle. mmmm.


  1. Awesome. I just saw on the news tonight that they're painting the space needle its original color of galaxy orange.

  2. I saw that also, I do have a color picture of the Space Needle, maybe I should post it so they can see what it should look like.



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