Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carnival of Postcards Feeding the Bears

This is one of my dads collection of post cards and fits with the old photos of Yellowstone I have been posting on Wednesdays. There is nothing on the back but the standard Postcard and place one cent stamp here. Notice in lower right corner Printed in Germany.

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  1. The pony looks a little disconcerted about the bear on the cart! A lovely card. It was only yesterday - from a postcard - that I learnt precisely where Yellowstone is.

  2. Sheila I have been posting other old photographs of Yellowstone that was in my aunts photo album, from her trip through Yellowstone in 1915.


  3. I thought it was just tourists that fed the bears.

  4. Actually during the time this card was produced they actually had dumps for garbage, and they set up bleachers for the tourists to watch the bears eat the garbage, so this card shows them taking the garbage to the dump.

  5. Hello Charles,
    I just noticed your Christmas postcard - would you like it to be featured in the next Festival of Postcards?
    Evelyn in Montreal



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