Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Most Satisfying Genealogy Event. Leland Meitzler posted his list of top ten "Most Satisfying Genealogical Events"
I am not going to try to list ten events, but maybe a couple.
Years ago I found my great, great grandparents in the 1870 Minnesota census, Richard and Rhoda Hellenbolt. It listed Richard as being born in New York about 1815 and Rhoda being born in Canada, and soon I found that two of their children had been born in Rock County Wisconsin, Eliza Minerva Hellenbolt (my ancestor) and her brother Dexter, but still nothing on Rhoda's maiden name. I have a picture of Rhoda and several people in the family have commented that Rhoda looks like a native American. Hellenbolt is not a common name so whenever I find one I am probably related. A friend was going to the library in Ft. Wayne and asked if I had any requests, I said yes to see if she could find something on Richard and Rhoda. A couple of days later I got an E-Mail that she had found an index of Marriages for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Richard and Rhoda were there. I was heading for the Family History center so I checked the catalog and they had filmed marriages for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, so I ordered the film. When it came in I rushed to the Family History Center, and found the marriage. It listed the maiden name for Rhoda,"Preston", but nothing else I did not already know. On the way home from the Family History Center all I could think of was I am related to Sargent Preston of the Yukon!

Recently I was playing in Google Books and typed in Enos Chandler and Betsy. While it listed several pages of hits one was the Fifth and Sixth Generation book on George Soule of the Mayflower. Enos Chandler had married Elizabeth Soule a fifth generation descendant of George Soule and had a daughter Betsy. I had that from the earlier Fifth Generation Book on George Soule. My grandmother was Anna Dillingham, and going back several Generations you find Melatiah Dillingham married Betsy Chandler, but the dates in the Dillingham information did not match the dates in the Soule information. Melatiah and Betsy did name one child Enos Chandler Dillingham, so I was pretty sure I had the correct Betsy. I ordered the new Fifth and Sixth Generation Book on George Soule and was wondering what took the mailman so long to get the book delivered, so the day it arrived I checked and sure enough they list a husband for Betsy Chandler; Melatiah Dillingham. So now I have two more Mayflower ancestors, George Soule and John Alden, and also I got a Patriot from the Revolutionary War. Kind of interesting for the Quaker Dillinghams. Enos Chandler was a Lt. in the Revolution according to the DAR.


  1. Hello, Cousin!

    I, too, an descended from George Soule, as well as several other Mayflower ancestors: Richard Warren (twice), John and Joan Tilley and their daughter, who married another Mayflower passenger (can't remember their names off the top of my head).

  2. Well I am also a descendant of Stephen Hopkins, Edward Doty and Francis Cooke. My Dillinghams were very early to New England (1630) and the first will in the NEHGS register is my Edward Dillingham, he left all of Cape Cod to his male descendants.



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