Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fun Best Halloween

I am not real sure which one was the best, but I always looked forward to Halloween and especially the popcorn balls from Mrs. Evans. Back then we got a lot of candy, but also apples and oranges, but my favorite was popcorn balls. When I was born our next door neighbors were the Evans', and they were both about the same age as my grandparents, so it was like having a third set of grandparents. When I was about a year and a half old my parents moved 6 houses west on the same street, so now we were 7 houses away from the Evans', but they still kept close tabs on us, and every Halloween Mrs. Evans made the most wonderful popcorn balls, and I looked forward to them each year. As I was growing up I had trouble saying Mrs. Evans, so I called her Mrs. Heavens. After Mr. Evans passed away, Mrs. Evans stayed for a while, and then moved to Soap Lake to be close to her family. We continued to get Christmas cards till she died, but I really missed the popcorn balls.

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