Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Calendar Christmas Memories

Last night on TV I got to see White Christmas and Holiday Inn both with Bing Crosby and co stars Fred Astaire and Danny Kaye. I have always loved Bing Crosby and his singing of White Christmas.
Bing grew up here in Spokane and went to Gonzaga High School and started studying law at Gonzaga University, but dropped out to go to Hollywood and the rest of that is history.
Legend has it that the nickname Bing came from reading the Bingville Bugle an extra section to our Spokesman Review newspaper.
Spokane usually has a white Christmas, and as a boy we got to sled down the hill at the end of our block. If we took a good run we could go a block and a half before stopping. Back then that street was not paved and had very little traffic, today it is paved and even though a residential street the cars fly by that hill today.


  1. Two great movies!
    Interesting insights into Bing - love his voice!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Bill ;-)

  2. Bill I loved his voice also.




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