Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Night Fun Genealogy Gifts

1) What gift that you received for Christmas is your favorite for genealogy purposes? Book, magazine, hardware, software, website subscription, research time - what was it, and how will it affect your genealogy research?

I had already written the paragraph below when a last minute gift just arrived by E-Mail. A little over a week ago I found out the husband of my cousin Patricia Taylor Milligan, Donald Milligan had passed away in August. My sister and I had helped clean out my uncle Leigh Hansen's house after he died and in the basement was a footlocker with the name Duane Taylor (Patricia's brother) stenciled on the front. On the bottom stenciled was Personal Effects from APO address to Kansas City, MO. Duane had died in an auto wreck in Paris after WWII was over in 1945. Since Duane had no family we asked who to send the footlocker to, and while at the UPS store we needed an phone number to send the footlocker to Australia, so called Don Milligan, phone disconnected, so called his daughter Janet. She said JoAnn was in the USA now as they are arguing over the proceeds of the estate, so sent the footlocker to Janet and she is to forward it to JoAnn. Thanks Randy

I don't think I received any genealogical gifts, I did receive a few pictures and updates on the family. I did give my sister a new computer, her old one was having out of memory problems, and the battery that keeps the time when the computer is off died a couple of years ago. I did not get a new screamer for her but a nice desktop computer to replace the old one. I also copied picasa and all the pictures from her digital camera on it. I had been copying here on this computer, so now there is a backup about 3 miles apart for all her pictures.

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