Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar - The Christmas Tree

When I was real young my dad, my sister and I would go see my grandparents at Blanchard, Idaho before Christmas. They lived in a farm there and on the way back we would stop by the woods and go in and cut a Christmas Tree. Pop would tie it on the Model A and we headed home. At home pop would cut off the bottom and put it in the Christmas tree stand. Trees from the forest usually had weak limbs so they were barely able to hold up the lights and ornaments. Pop would get out the lights and test them to see if they would light up. (If one went out the whole string went out). Pop strung the lights on the tree and mom put the ornaments and tinsel on the tree. Mom got tired of the needles in the carpet and bought an aluminum tree. (Picture below) It came with a color wheel so the tree sparkled green, red, yellow and blue. It also had a revolving tree stand with a music box. I will comment on the music for the December 21st day.

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