Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Night Fun A Genealogy-Oriented Gift

1) Pick out a genealogy-oriented gift for someone you know, admire, appreciate or love. It could be for a family member, someone in the genealogy community, or a friend or colleague. What would be your genealogy gift to them? [Note: you don't have to actually gift them, although it would be a nice thing to do!]

Well Friday my sister and I tried to send a genealogy-oriented gift to a first cousin once removed in Australia, but lets start at the beginning. I am the youngest of nine first cousins, and since my cousin Duane Taylor died in Paris after WWII, I am the last male cousin. Duane was killed in an auto accident in Paris late in 1945. Fast forward to December 2007, and my uncle died in Priest River, Idaho, and in his basement is an army footlocker that is stenciled on the front Lt. Duane Taylor. Inside is some of my uncles old uniforms from when he was in the Army Air Corps, so my sister got the footlocker and uniforms. Early this year she called Donald Milligan in Coronado, California, brother in law of Duane, to see if he or any of his four daughters would like the footlocker since Duane was the brother of their mother. Don said his daughter JoAnn who lives in Australia would love to get it. My sister was rather slow getting it sent, but Friday we took it to the UPS store and paid a small fortune to send the 19 pound foot locker to Australia, and they needed the phone number for JoAnn. We phoned Donald Milligan, and his phone was disconnected, he had passed away in August and we did not know. We found a phone number for one of the daughters, Janet, and called her to get JoAnn's phone number. JoAnn was in Coronado and will be leaving for Australia on Monday, but they want the footlocker sent to Coronado as they have some more stuff to go to Australia for JoAnn and will put it all together in one shipment. We went back to the UPS store since they were holding the box till they got JoAnn's phone number, to get the address changed and hopefully a big refund, but the girl there did not know how to do that so we need to come back Monday.

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