Friday, October 15, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Rootsweb Message Boards

I have not done a lot of these posts, due to being rather busy for some of them, but this one is one I know a lot about. In the mid 1990s I found the mail lists at RootsWeb and soon after the message boards. I became a mail list owner and my first list was for people on Prodigy that was closing to have a mail list for the genealogists to get together on. Soon after that I got my first county mail list, Whitman County Washington, and I still administer that list today. I also have 6 other mail lists today and several are gatewayed to the corresponding message board. Gatewaying means that posts on the message boards are copied by RootsWeb to the mail list so more people get to read the message board post and hopefully they will find someone to respond. Message boards today also have the ability for you to attach a file, so you can attach an obit, or a picture. Note the attached file will not get sent to the mail list, but you get a note that it is there and can click on the link to see it.
Are there good posts? Are there bad posts? Sure, just be sure to let people know the specifics, and if possible a clue as to when you are looking for the information. Did they get married in 1890 or 1990?, a lot of searching could be eliminated with a simple clue.

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