Saturday, October 2, 2010

EWGS October 2010 Workshop Day 2

Day two started out early and I was really looking forward to Thomas MacEntees first and last sessions today. The first session was Facebook for Genealogists, and Thomas went over Setting up a Facebook account, a Facebook profile, inviting friends and accepting friends, configuring Facebook account settings, and Facebook Privacy settings, and finally Facebook Best practices.

The second session was on Becoming a Genealogy Blog user, what is a blog, how can it help my genealogical research, will it help my writing and finding out about new developments in the genealogical world. Since I already have a blog and read close to 170 blogs on Google reader daily this session was really a review for me.

Lunch was next and a good box lunch was ordered and delivered on time and we had an hour to eat and network before the afternoon session started.

The session after lunch was Build a Genealogy Blog, and that was a review for me also, but Thomas did a good job explaining how to start your own blog on Blogger and how to set it up the way you want it to look. The syllabus on this section is massive, so setting up your own blog step by step is shown for Blogger and WordPress.

The Last session was on Google Docs for Beginners. What is Google Docs, Google Docs vs Microsoft Office, setting up a Google Docs Account. This was the second session I was really looking forward to seeing. Thomas went through explaining the document types, how to create a document, how to upload a document to Google docs, how to use folders and how to share documents and Google docs settings. This is the cloud computing we have all been hearing about.

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