Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Advent Calendar Salt Lake City Christmas Tour

I was going to skip this one as I did not have a good subject, but then I thought of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour I took many years ago. It was the first full week in December and they told us to expect cold and snow in Salt Lake City, so I took nearly a whole suitcase full of warm clothes, and snow boots. I arrived in Salt Lake City to 50+ degree temperatures, very little snow, and every night on the TV they were saying how bad the warm weather was on the ski slopes around Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City at Christmas is wonderful, we got to hear the Mormon Choir rehearse, check out the lights of Temple Square, and a full week in the Family History Library. There was a tour through the headquarters of AGLL, and professional genealogists to help us when we got stuck. I was interested in my Danish line, and my grandfather had left a book with his address in Denmark, so I showed it to the gentleman helping with Scandinavian research and away I went. He set three of us up in a line of microfilm readers I was in the middle and on my left was a lady working on her Norwegian lines and on my right a gentleman working on Swedish lines. I was able to get my Danish line back in to the late 1600s. The records went back further in my parish, but the writing of the priest got so shaky that I could not read it anymore. My great Grandmother was in a different parish, but it did not go back as far as the parish my grandfather was born in. While I was at AGLL I bought a couple of books on Danish research and helped people online for years with their Danish research.
The last day of the tour was Saturday, and the flight I had did not leave till 1:00pm on Sunday. About dark on Saturday it finally started to snow, and when I got up in the morning they had a foot of snow on the ground and the airport was closed, but they hoped to have it open by 10 am. I had breakfast and by then they had plowed the street in front of the hotel and promised they could get the shuttle to the airport for me, so I packed up and checked out. The airport was open and working when I got there, and my flight left on time.
To see pictures of Salt Lake at this years tour click here.

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