Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Night Fun GeneaLeak

Come on geneaphiles - it's Saturday Night - time to have more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) You've probably heard about WikiLeaks - the web site that has been exposing United States government secret documents to the world.

2) For SNGF, please answer one or more of these questions:

* What GeneaLeak do you want to expose to the world from your own research or experience? Do it!

* What GeneaLeak about your own family history research would you like exposed to help you in your genealogy pursuit?

* What GeneaLeak about genealogy websites, collection providers, genealogy software or genealogy bloggers, writers, or colleagues would you like to see exposed?

When the Washington State Digital Archives was indexing marriages for Spokane County starting about 1930 to about 1938, they did not use genealogists as volunteers, but college students (not sure if they were paid or not). So while they indexed all the marriages, the scanned images they used was not the image a genealogist would have picked, so I bet a lot of people do not know there is a second Certificate of Marriage with ages, place of birth, and occupations of Bride and Groom. Names and places of birth of the parents. The digital archives has both certificates, but only one is online, you have to ask for the second copy.

The GeneaLeak for my family would be to find the parents of Thomas D. Kelly b. 25 Apr 1827 near Louisville, KY. he died 1 Mar 1896 near Trenton, MO.

The second GeneaLeak for my family would be to find the parents of Richard Hellenbolt b. abt 1815 in NY or his wife Rhoda Preston b. abt 1816 in Canada.

The third GeneaLeak woud be to find proof of the parents of John "Jackie" Vanderpool b. abt 1805 in North Carolina, he d. abt 1855 or his wife Nancy Campbell b. 18 Sep 1796 in NC and d. 3 Apr 1862

I would really like a genealogy software that would allow me to add pictures to the notes for each person in my database. About ten years ago I got a program that would do that, problem is it is a DOS program. It allowed me to put birth pictures near the birth of a person, high school graduation pictures near high school in the notes, marriage pictures near marriages, etc, and not hidden back in a scrapbook somewhere. The DOS program would allow you to size the picture, so a close up could be small, and a group picture large so you see everyone in the picture. I know most programs allow you to export to your word processor and add pictures there, but that is a lot of extra work.

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