Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

This is another of my dad's postcards, this one from Minnie in Bisbee, AZ postmarked Jan 1, and looks like 1913, the year is smudged.

Dear Claude
Did Santa
Claus bring you
lots of presents.
He brought Milton
and I a good many.
Am having vacation
this week. With love.


  1. What a beauty of a card! Is Minnie a sweetheart, a cousin, a friend, ...? How old was your father in 1913?

  2. My dad would have been 7 in December 1913, and I have yet to find out who Minnie is. There is probably about a dozen postcards from Minnie in the collection. Her last name is Anderson. What bothers me is all of my dads family was in Minnesota in 1913, he had a lot of cousins in Minnesota then. Later on they scattered all over the USA. He still has one first cousin alive, Helen Shereda was 102 last June and is still alive. Pop made 101 and was getting close to 102



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