Sunday, July 24, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy First Job

Week #30 – Employment

Week 30: Employment. Describe your first job. What did you do? Were you saving for something in particular, or just trying to make a living? Did that first job provide skills and make an impact on your life today?

Well I did some work for my mom early on, she had a bookkeeping and income tax business and I did some typing for her, got so much a page I think it was a dime a page, and I made quite a lot. I also subbed at a gas station for a friend when he had a doctor appointment or something like that, but really did not get paid for that.
My real first job was parking cars at the Roosevelt Apartments Garage, I got minimum wage for that I think it was $1.60 an hour. The garage only had about 36 parking spots and it had been built in the 1920s so the spots were sized for Model T's and when I worked there in the 1960s all the cars were very much bigger than a Model T. The people would come in and I parked the car in the spot each person had picked for their car. We backed them in so they were within about 6 inches from the posts between the cars. Each space was big enough for two cars and an isle between the cars big enough to walk in. My favorite car to park was the 1952 or 1953 Packard, but that gentleman did not drive much so I did not get to park that car very often.
I was going to the community college when I had this job, so all the money I made went for books and tuition, etc.
I can still park a car in a small space in a parking garage, so I guess it was a good learning experience.

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