Thursday, July 7, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy Vacations

Week #27 – Vacation

Week 27. Vacations. Where did your family go on vacation? Did you have a favorite place? Is it still there? If not, how has the area changed?

Well we went a lot of places on vacations, Glacier Park, Yellowstone, Disneyland, and California once. Mom had a friend from school and she was living in Truckee, California when we went to see her. We stopped at Mt. Lassen, and Mt. Shasta on the way down and while at Truckee we saw Donner Pass and Squaw Valley Ski Area, but most years we went to the coast of Washington near Ocean Shores and went clam digging. Finally mom and pop and my uncle bought a lot at Ocean Shores and so we had a place to stay when we went clam digging. My sister bought it from my uncle and parents and so we still go there on vacation, but neither my sister or I are very fond of clams so have not gone clam digging in a lot of years. Mostly now we just go and mow the lawn and trim the bushes that grow at an amazing rate to us from the dry east side of Washington.

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