Wednesday, July 20, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Water

Week #29 – Water

Week 29: Water. Do you have any memories of the sea or another body of water? Did you live there or just visit? What did you do there? You can also describe a body of water by which you live or visit in the present day.

Well I have previously written about going to Ocean Shores, Washington to go clam digging, and my sister still owns a trailer lot there, but the body of water we go to a lot more is Twin Lakes in Northern Idaho. It is a lake carved out of the mountains by the glaciers. It is actually two lakes connected by a channel, Upper Twin is oval and pretty shallow about 35 feet at the deepest, while Lower Twin is long and narrow and very deep in places over 100 feet deep. When we were first there they used the water for irrigation and so the lake would drop about 7 feet in the summer, but all the farms but one have quit farming and so the lake only drops about 3 feet a year now.
The pictures below are from the parade of boats on the Fourth of July this year, the first one is our neighbors boat with his girl friend in the Statue of Liberty costume, while in the back is George & Martha Washington.

This is the fireboat coming up the rear in the boat parade.

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