Friday, April 22, 2011

1962 Seattle Worlds Fair Day 2

I don't remember which route we used to get to the Worlds Fair, but I do remember Clarence lived close to Highway 99 so I bet we went south on Highway 99. There is a check mark next to Park #2 so I guess we parked there while we went to the Worlds fair. This was a souvenir map given out by Standard Oil of California.

The other side had a map of the Worlds Fair grounds so you could plan out your day at the fair, and hopefully see everything they had to offer. The fair was suppose to look forward to what it would be like to live in the year 2000.

I see red circles around many of the exhibits and check marks next to several. I know we missed a few we wanted to see due to verrrry long lines.

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  1. What a fun momento. I don't remember the Fair per se because I was a bit young. Although I know I was there because of the pictures my parents took.

    What I do remember are the years since. The Bubble-ator (spelling?) comes first to mind. I was so disappointed when they finally took it out. It was a blast to get into that bubble/elevator and "see" bubbles inside. I never did figure out how they made that work!

    The Space Needle still is pretty futuristic (at least to me).



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