Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

While this picture is not really an Easter Card, the back is much more interesting to me.

On the back is a small note to my dad Claude from his granma EMD. Card is from North Crystal lake, Illinois April 7, 1911

April 5, 1911 (my dad would be 4 years old then)
Dear Claude I have
rec'd the nice Easter Card
of which told me about
the nice fish you
caught & think you did
well to catch so nice
a fish. To day is Abbie's
birthday. Did you go there
to dinner, I hope you will
get over the mumps all right
good by from your granma

It was addressed to Mrs. A. M. Hansen, actually Anna M. (Dillingham ) Hansen daughter of EMD (Eliza Minerva (Hellenbolt) Dillingham) of Crystal Lake, Illinois. Abbie Kyle was the sister to Eliza and she had moved to Columbus, Montana before Anton and Anna Hansen moved to Columbus. I always wondered why they moved from Minnesota to Montana and I am pretty sure it was because Abbie was living there.

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