Sunday, April 24, 2011

1962 Seattle Worlds Fair Day 4

My sister and I did a lot of water skiing in the 1960s so we really wanted to see the Water Ski Show by Tommy Bartlett. It was on the "Water Stage" measuring 26 feet wide and 4 feet deep and almost 500 feet long on each side. Took them 13 days to build and cost $75,000. Took three fire hoses 11 hours to fill. This first picture is from the booklet we got on the ski show, showing them building and filling the "Water Stage". Since it is copyrighted I used our own pictures below for the show.

This one is one of the girls skiing backwards with the rope on her foot.

Jumping the ski jump.

A pyramid of skiers.

I wished we had taken pictures of the clown, he was a good water skier and so funny we did not take a single picture of him.

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  1. Tommy Bartlett - now there was an entrepeneur! Radio 'Man On The Street', his Deer Parks . . . he brought the first water-ski show to Sea World!



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