Monday, April 11, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy Sports

Week #15 – Sports

Week 15. Sports. Did you have a favorite sports team as a child? If so, which one and why. Did your parents follow the same teams? Do you still support the same teams?

I was very small in school from about first grade on to high school, so football and basketball were not very interesting for me, but baseball was not about size and so I liked baseball. Spokane had a triple A team that was the farm team of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1958 to 1971, so I followed both the Spokane Indians and the Dodgers, but in 1971 the Dodgers moved their AAA club to Albuquerque and I lost interest in baseball.
My parents were not real sports fans, but would watch baseball or football on TV once in a while. When Seattle got a major league team the Mariners, mom watched most of the games on TV and she got pop interested in them also. When I am not real busy today I will watch a Mariners game, but I am not a real sports fan either.

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