Saturday, April 16, 2011

You Can Not Do That In the Library 2011

Tonight I attended the fifth annual "You Can Not Do That In the Library". I wrote about the fourth annual "You Can Not Do that in the Library" last year. This year they had the band "Six Foot Swing" more of a dance band from the swing era. They were pretty loud also, but also very good. They had refreshments by Steam Plant Grill and David's Pizza. The setting on the second floor of the library overlooking the Spokane Falls is really special this time of the year when the river is running very high. They also had a silent auction of some old books and I put in a bid on a couple, not sure if I will get one as I was the high bidder when I left, the second one the bids had went way above my bid so I did not even rebid it.
All the money goes to the Spokane Public Library Foundation for their help of the Spokane Libraries. It was pretty well attended again this year.

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