Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Advent Calendar Grab Bag

This is copied from the 2009 Advent Calendar

When I was young before Christmas we used to like to go window shopping. Many of the downtown stores like the Crescent, The Bon, Pennys, Newberries, Grants, Pay Less, Sears and Wards had big Christmas displays in their windows and it was fun to just go and look at what they had displayed.
The Crescent closed years ago, The Bon was bought out by Macys, Pennys moved to Northtown Mall and their building is now part businesses and part downtown apartments. Newberries and Grants have both closed. Pay Less is now Rite Aid. Wards closed and the City of Spokane bought the building for the City Hall. Sears moved out of downtown to Northtown Mall, and gave the city the old building which became the Spokane Public Library. After a few years the city tore down the old Sears building and built the present library building.

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  1. Until I read your post, I forgot all about the journey our family made to look at the windows in downtown Los Angeles. We always went on a Sunday; no shopping but the windows were lit and animated. And all of us children (5 of us) would ooh and aahh. What fun!! Thank you for the memories.



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