Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Advent Calendar Volunteer Work

This is copied from the 2010 Advent Calendar

Was your family involved with church groups that assisted others during the holidays??

My grandma was the person that did most for others near Christmas. She was part of the church quilting circle they called it. My grandfather had made a quilt frame that they set on 4 chair backs and the ladies would hand stitch the squares together, put on a back and usually a wool blanket in the middle and then tie the two sides together with yarn about every foot. When done they donated the quilts to the church to sell to support the church. She actually bought several of the quilts back, so I have a whole chest of quilts she made.
Grandma was also part of the "Sunshine Circle" at the church. The minister would gather up a group of ladies from the "Sunshine Circle", and they visited the church members that for what ever reason could not get out, maybe in the hospital, a nursing home or just sick at home. They would take flowers and cards and just sit an visit.
I have been a volunteer at the library since 1993, and in 2009 year I became a member of the CAC for STA, but none of these volunteer jobs are near the holidays, but year around.

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