Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This is a list of the top ten post for 2011 (I hope they are correct, I had a little problem with analytics this year).

1. Seattle Worlds Fair Day 2 April 55 page views
2. Seattle Worlds Fair Day 7 April 43 page views
3. Seattle Worlds Fair Day 4 April 40 page views
4. Carnival of Genealogy 2011 Swimsuit Issue May 38 page views
5. Old Fashioned Thanksgiving for COG November 37 page views
6. My Mayflower Lines November 24 page views
7. 2011 Advent Calendar Holiday Parties December 18 page views
8. Saturday Night Fun Historical Maps November 16 page views
9. 2011 Advent Calendar Christmas Tree December 16 page views
10. 2011 Advent Calendar Christmas Cookies December 11 page views

The top post was from 2010 a tribute to King Forrest Cole the founder of EXPO 74 in Spokane on his death December 2010

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