Friday, December 30, 2011

Funeral Card Friday Clarence R, Ruud

Clarence R. Ruud was our neighbor from as early as I remember until about 1960 when he had a heart attack and retired from his head custodian job at Rogers High School. Soon after that he moved to the coast to be close to his son Lane. Clarence helped my dad get a job as a custodian with the school district, so pop ended up with a pension when he retired. If you check the dates it looks like Clarence was 60 years old when he died but he died before his birthday. Why was this important? At that time if the husband died before he was 60 years old his wife could not collect Social Security on his account, even if she had never worked. His wife Minnie Ruud had worked some, so she got a minimal amount of Social Security, but no where near the amount that should have been available from Clarence's account.

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