Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Second Blogiversary

Wow it seems like a long time since my first Blog post in 2009, but it has gone well and I keep learning more and more by reading other blogs. I have about 280 blogs my Google Reader that I read, and like last year about a third of them are not genealogy related, but very interesting anyway. This year I wrote 189 blog posts or slightly more than last year when I had written 172 blog posts.
I am still doing research for Eastern Washington Genealogical Society and occasionally I post on the EWGS blog, so it was nice to have the EWGS blog picked as One of Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011!
Will Mikkel's Hus ever be one of the top 40? I hope not, there are a lot of better blogs than mine on geneabloggers, but I will keep plugging away for another year.



  1. Happy Blogiversary Charles. I'm glad you are out there blogging!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Charles! I started blogging 2 years ago August 1 and I remember looking at other blogs about that time and thinking that so many had been going for so long and feeling like such a new kid on the block. Yours was one of those that seemed so settled, on track, and like it had been around for a while. I didn't know it was so new. Great job.

  3. Happy Blogoversary! Looking forward to reading your posts for many more years!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! And Many more!



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